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looking for some advise

im looking to try a new antidepressant.i suffer from major anxiety and depression.mostly when its just that time of the month.i take clonazapam on a regular basis for 20 years but just doesn't do anything for my hopeless and helpless feelings.i was  on amitripyline.but found my dreams were worse then my daily living.does anyone know of a antidpressant that may help mood swings,anxiety and a sleep aid.with not to many major bad side effects.thank you for any advice
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It's best to work closely with your doctor on this, as he is qualified to know what would work best for you.
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You might want to try balancing your hormones rather than relying on antidepressants; get to the cause rather than just treating symptoms.  For that you might want to see a naturopath.  
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thank you for your feedback.i see my doc in 2 days.but in the mean time i joined a gym,hoping to keep physical will keep my mind active.ive been medicated for 20 years now and still going nowhere. i do realize how lucky i am and will try and deal with it threw self help and good people in my life.good luck to you all
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