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major depressive disorder

I injured my ankle and knee at work five years ago and I had surgery on my ankle and now I need surgery on my ankle.  Dealing with worker's comp. And being unable to work has made me depressed. I just got results back from a QME psychologist that stated I had MDD and was at risk for suicide.  The report suggested that I get an appointment with a psychiatrist for medication for depression and anxiety.  It has been over a month and I h
ave heard nothing.  When I asked my lawyer she said we would have to keep trying to get it to go through.  I feel very anxious and depressed and feel like I can do nothing to myself feel better.  Is there any medication for anxiety or depression that I can get without a prescription.
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You can get the meds you require from your doctor.All the best.
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Hello and welcome!!

First, I'm sorry you are going through this.  It's natural to feel depressed and anxious after such a significant life change.  Anything that affects our livelihoods and way of life is very stressful.  

Are you working now?  Are you able to work?  If you aren't working, have you considered seeking a job doing something different that would allow you to work with any limitations you may have?  That may help you start to improve your sense of self worth.  All too often, when things like this happen, people just kind of "give up".  There's always options out there.

You definitely need to seek out professional help to address these feelings of depression and anxiety.  If worker's comp is holding you up (which isn't surprising), you need to tell your lawyer to do what she needs to do to light a fire under their butt to move the process along.

Once you're seen by a psychiatrist, he/she can start discussing treatment options with you which would likely include medications and therapy.  When BOTH treatment modalities are used together, success rates significantly improve.  Just hang in there..it will happen, it may just take some time.

Very best of luck to you...please update us about your situation.  We really do care.  You're among people who understand and live with depression and anxiety every day.
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