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My 40 y/o son suddenly developed these symptoms:  obsessed with dying, insomnia, panic attacks, loss of appetite with resultant 15 lb weight loss, so far.  He is miserable, crying, telling people he has colon cancer, then lymphoma.  His doctor put him on Lexapro but it takes a while to work.  He was admitted through ER to the psych unit.  The doctor there sent him home the next day, I'm sure because he didn't seem that severe.  He sent him home with a prescription for Klonopin in addition to the Lexapro.  He is still obsessing about illness, convinced he will get sick and die within 5 years.  What do you think?  What is the Klonopin for?
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Klonopin is for anxiety. I take it myself. If his symptoms don't improve speak to his psychiatrist. They generally discharge a person from the hospital when they believe they are stabilized. Ask his psychiatrist what they believe improved. A person can be psychotic and believe things that don't exist but they can also have irrational phobias from anxiety disorder which from the medications prescribed appears what the psychiatrist believes it is, in addition to depression. Ask the psychiatrist how they diagnosed them and what they will do if the medications don't eventually mitigate his symptoms.
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