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   my husband was told he had major depression. he was put on prozac 60mg,wellbutrin 100mg,and zyprexa 20mg. it has been 2 years. he can't remember things from the day before. he does seam a little better. but he acts like a zobie. i feel he is over medicated. please give me some advise. i spoke to his doctor last time we saw him. he said he would start cutting him back next time we saw him. i read in a book on depression that he sould have only been on zyprexa for a  short time.  
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  zyprexa is a mood stabilizer for manic in bi polar and schizophrenia.It shouldnt have been prescribed for depression cahnge docs and get a psychiatrist to evaluate him  and go from there.
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I agree with Venora.  Zyprexa especially in that dose is quite heavy.  I even wonder why he is on such a high dose of prozac.  Is he a large man?  The problem with these types of meds are they need to be tweaked often especially over a period of years. Not only do they alter the brain's processing but organically the brain changes as we age.  Keep us posted.
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