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memory loss, old age

f 56, past 39 years i am taking sleeping pills, now my pdoc has added propranolol 10 mg. i also take olanzipine and fluoxetine combo. i have hypothyroidism and am overweight.  my family doesn't talk to me and i have no friends my niece has threatened to finish me. i am very scared.   i heard that propranolol causes  memory loss.  if so how wil i cope with creeping old age.  i am unemployed, alone, is there anyone who let me how cope my disability  
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I don't know about that medication.  I looked it up and of course some people said that it could cause memory issues but it wasn't a common occurence.  I do know that depression can cause it and I know you are on prozac but that doesn't cure depression it just aids and takes the edge off.  You will have memory issues the longer you wait to get back out and enjoy life (however that can be for you).  You may not think there is a way but don't give up.  You are still alive.  If you are just waiting serenity to find you it has about .9 percent chance of happening (just guessing but likely close).  Faith and medicine will help but often we have to take steps to assist.  Good luck friend and I hope things get better for you soon.
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I take propranolol for akathisia. Its primary use is for high blood pressure but it also works for akathisia and anxiety. I haven't found anything that states it causes memory problems. I would suspect the sleeping pills. Memory problems can also be caused by depression. The best thing you can do about it is to tell your psychiatrist was is happening with side effects.
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What do you mean by "my neice has threatened to finish me?"
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dear friend,
many thanks for responding to my anguish, i can't find the right words and that is my problem, memory loss. my p doc does not help and my family couldn't care less."my niece has threatened to finish me" means that she will kill me or decapacitate me.thanks again
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