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mentally eaxhausted

hi i was diagnosed with GAD and panick attacks over a year ago,but recently ive no energy cant be bothered to do anything anymore not even play with the kids which worrys me.im always tired even thou i do sleep at night i find everything dull.ive been on 2mg diazepam over a yr and have een prescribed cipralex 5mg an antidepressant but im so terrified incase they make me worse or i have a fit woith them.please someone help me on this.am i depressed?will this medication help me?im so lost i cant take much more,as for the valium im on there a nightmare but they do help me when i have a bad anxiety attack.thanks for reading.
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I wonder if you might be over medicated with the Valium.  Maybe 2mgs is too much for you and is zapping your energy.
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hi just wanted to say thanks for writing back on my post that is so kind of u.
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