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mirtazapine makes me very drowsy during the day

Hi I love mritazapine it makes me sleep well but it makes me sleep all day :(
I have severe depression and anxiety..I feel so sick daily that I can't do anything..;( had too much emotional traumas..I hate living in this world..where ppl are very mean :(
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I have no job and due to bring sock can't fly keep one much.,I also HV no friends and was sexually abused ..and severely bullied all my teen years I'm 21  from a very happy person I feel numb and its so scary..I pray to god daily to heal me:(
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Sorry bout first sentence due to using auto correction ..I mean can't keep a job much due to feeling sick from depression and anxiety..
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i love my remeron too
however it doesnt really help with depression and anxiety (even tho it is an anti depressant)
Its meant to help people sleep. Are you on anything to help manage your symptoms besides this? Do you have a therapist? therapists are awesome
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Well, personally, it sounds like you need to sit down with your doctor and reevaluate your medication regimen.  It's obviously not doing what you'd like it to, right?  You state that you're not functioning well day to day, and having trouble holding down a job.  Are you in therapy?  Do you have any close friends or family that you see?  How about hobbies?

You're SO very young, and while it stinks that you've had to endure traumatic events, that doesn't mean you have to roll over and accept a poor quality of life.  There IS help out there, a lot of times it just involves finding the "right" combination of treatment modalities...the "right" medication, the "right" therapist, the "right" self help books.

A GOOD bit of treating depression and anxiety involves on the work WE put in too.  As HARD as it is, you MUST push yourself to stay engaged in life.  That includes working, finding hobbies, staying proactive about how you're feeling, following through with the recommendations of your therapist, those kinds of things.  You have to start setting goals and working to reach them.  To just say, "I experienced traumas and have severe depression and anxiety, and wonder why people are so mean" and then do nothing to help yourself isn't the answer. It's easy to feel frustrated and to want to throw your hands up.  

YOU have to take your power back.  No more staying in the victim role.  It's time to empower yourself.  First thing tomorrow (or Tuesday if the office is closed for the holiday), call and make yourself an appt with your prescribing doc.  Hopefully he/she is a psychiatrist.  If not, you can ask your PCP for a referral to one.  They are the best people to be managing psych meds for these conditions.  Ask for a therapy referral as well, or if you're already in therapy, but kind of at a stalemate, ask your therapist for some therapy "homework", tell him/her you want to start diving in and reclaiming your life back.  It takes TIME, WORK, ENERGY and PATIENCE.  We want to feel better overnight.  That won't happen.

Remember also that you're not alone.  SO many of us are fighting the same battle right along with you.  I can tell you from experience that my anxiety (panic disorder and depression only made so much progress without my active participation.  When I finally had had enough, and dove into my treatment, and put my ALL into it, I finally started really improving.  

Hang in there, let us know when your appt with the doc is, keep us updated!!  You're among friends here!
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