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mixing zoloft and wellbutrin

I had taken zoloft for many years and it had worked well but I was starting to be bothered by the fact that I COULD NOT CRY, was TIRED DURING THE DAY and maybe it could be keeping weight on me that I might lose if not for the medicine SO I went off the zoloft and switched to wellbutrin.  I definitely had more energy, which was wonderful but I felt kind of mean, I said mean things etc.  That is the kind of depression I have.  Not the sad I want to die type but the irritable type.  So I am wondering if by mixing the two I could have a balance of energy but not be as irritable?????
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Zoloft and Welbutrin can be safely combined.

As for exactly how this combo might effect you is hard to say.

It may be worth a try.
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I was on Zoloft at one point, and was advised by my doctor to combine the two. So it is safe to use both. On Wellbutrin, however, you can not drink alcohol. My doctor simply told me to cut back on drinking, which I didn't do much anyway. After 2 drinks one night, I had a seizure in the bathroom at my apartment and woke up on the floor with knots, bumps, and bruises all over. Taking both may help, and is worth a try, but make sure you consume zero alcohol.
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