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what are the side effect of taking zoloft and lamictal and xanax together
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you need to ask your doctor that question.
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  I don't know! And some doctors don't know either. My sister is a pharmacist who has had special training in the interactions between drugs and other things like vitamins, herbs, food. So not all pharmacist know either AND it depends on so many other things that are individual to your own body. Google the website: drugs.com and then go to the 'interactions-check' section. You can enter all the meds you are on into it and it will give you minor, moderate, severe warnings on how different medications can interact together. This doesn't mean they will, but be observant. You can sign up for alerts on these meds, in case they find more side effect warnings later in time. You can read about each drugs possible side effects individually. Everyone really should take responsibility for their own health because the medical community can't always be. If you get some meds from one kind of doctor, your other doctor may not know this. And even then-there are so many drugs and so many combinations NOONE can know all this.
    When I checked them there ARE moderate interactions between most of those drugs and one minor one. Anyone of those could be possibly life-threatening to YOU though if you have certain health conditions and everyone's body is different. My meds have some moderate to severe interactions, but MOSTLY, so far so good. Except for a recent problem with seratonin syndrome which can be life threatening. Thankfully I know this and contacted my doctor within a week. He started taking me off of one of my meds immediately. If I hadn't been aware that I could have a problem and failed to contact my doctor-who knows? Knowledge is Power!
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Your doctor or pharmacist should know this-  Zoloft is for depression and anxiety- it tells the brain to have happy thoughts- Xanax relaxes the body and muscles and Lamictal is for seizures and bipolar=  it depends on the doses and if you take these together=  has one dr prescribed this? ask them!
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