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natural alternatives to zoloft

i am taking zoloft, I have heard of many natural remedies to battle depression.  kira St johns with 5htp, etc.  Does anyone have a recommendation, specific brand and product?  Thx
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I've read about SAMe.  I purchased some for my wife, just today.  She has not yet tried it.  It is recommended to take in the morning, as it can cause insomnia.  For an overview, go here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-adenosylmethionine  

Personally, I had bad luck with St. John's Wart.  It provided insomnia, on top of an already existing case of "severe insomnia."  But, consider my experience to be "out of the norm," as my body tends to do the opposite concerning any medication.  

Please do me a favor, and see my post entitled, "how can I help you?"  I'm looking for advise.  I need your help.  
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I have to give words of warning, St. John's Wart is DANGEROUS if it's combined pretty much  any anti-depressant. As well if your depression is clinical, going on for more then 2 moths and/or have had more then 1 episode, that herb will do absolutely nothing for you, but a waste of money. If someone takes SAM-E and they may have or do have Bipolar, It can seriously trigger manic phases, there are warning on the labels on that "herb" not to take it.  5 htp is not studied at any great length. You are risking your health - there are no safety or regulations regarding those herbs, they are considered as a food, like other supplements.

If you are having problems managing your depression, see a psychiatrist, there are a multitude of meds on the market which can assist.

There are no homeopathic meds that can "cure" or manage depression. These herbal remedies are not standardized like medications. I would be very wary to say the least taking either. There are very few legitimate double blind studies to prove efficacy.

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