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need help about a former teacher that i opened up to

hi, i'm 20 years old. I was extremely depressed as a kid and it followed me into adulthood. in Feb I made the decision to talk to an old teacher who is only 10 years older than me. she's known me for 7 years. we had talked before but not actually talked. I cut myself. not very much anymore. but it got to be a daily thing. I now have over 250 scars throughout my body.. anyways. one night after class i asked her if i could talk to her for a min. i had on my regular long sleeve shirt and a journal in my hand. i told her i didn't really know how to tell her this but i had to tell someone cause if it didn't i might do something i regret, or couldn't regret. i couldn't bring myself to say it out loud at the time. but i pulled up my shirt and showed her the scars, she was shocked. she told me not to do anything stupid until she read my journal. the next week when i saw her again she suggested i go to a shrink. she went with me to my first visit. that night i gave her my razors she told me to call/text anytime i needed anything or even just to talk i texted/ called anytime i felt like cutting she's helped me stop.
now my question is, why do i feel like i'm imposing on her life? I love it when we talk, i feel like i have someone who isn't going to judge me in anything i do. I consider her a friend is that wrong? i consider her someone i look up to someone i can count on. She basically saved my life. and i feel like i owe it to her. should i feel like this? i need help. i don't know what to think about this.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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That sounds like a great person !  She has got you onto the right track and you should keep going with your recovery.

You were lucky to have her there when you needed her, if you feel that you have been too demanding then just be a little less.

We are all human , we all walk on this planet together and we are here to help each other if we can.
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I am not sure if i put this in a good way but i will try with out trying to make you feel bad because that's not what i am trying to do ok.  It is very hard on a person when faced with someone who is self harming and talking about suicide. it is hard for that person especially if they are the only one who knows as they often feel responsible and really want to help because they care, so they worry about the one hurting themselves. It is a lot of stress for that person. It sounds like she has been an amazing support for you which is great but she is your teacher and i think it is important to make sure you don't push that relationships. It is nice to know someone who is supportive and understanding. You can thank her  for her help but maybe try and get more intense support from your therapist. and be a student and friend with your teacher.

I know it must be hard but i believe you can feel better soon. I hope i haven't upset you with this as i would hate for you to feel bad and i am not trying to make it sound bad.
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If she is genuinely close to you as a teacher and you felt strongly enough about her to open up to her like this, then I wouldn't worry about imposing on her.

She's not your teach anymore so it's out of kindness that she's offered you her phone number and for you to call her anytime, and has offered the support that she has.

It's common for people with depression/znciety to feel like they're burdening other people with their problems, when really the person genuinely cares.

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I think that she should have set limits with you and that as soon as you accessed help she should have backed off.  It might be helpful to discuss the limits/ boundaries of your relationship with her.  Talking to her/ or a therapist about this would be a good idea.  You should possibly be seeing a therapist so they would be a good person to go to for advice.
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