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prescription med mix fatal?

Hello! My son (18) joined the Air Force last October. Recently he has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, manic depression and sleeplessness. They prescribed him the following meds:
-wellbutrin 100mg 2x a day
-depakote 3x a day totalling 1500 mg
-seroquel 2x a day (25mg and 50mg)

I'm extremely worried that the mix of these meds might hurt him more than help him. He has a history of pill addiction one of the main reasons why he joined the military so soon. Can this medicine cause his heart to stop or hurt him in any way?
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That may not be a very effective medication combination for his condition, but it is absolutly a safe mixture.

Not trying to play doctor, but I would have substituted the Depakote for Lithobid.
I'm also not so sure how much good that Welbutrin is going to do him. Welbutrin is a Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor and can be very stimulating for some people. An odd choice for a patient suffering from Depression with Mania.

That combination may not help him, but it won't hurt him either.

As for pill addiction...... None of those drugs are addictive. One couldn't get high from them even in high dosages.
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Thank you soooo much for your reply. I feel better now. With all the pill mania going around it bothered me alot. Thank you :)
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