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is anyone out there taking Pristiq??  if so, how is it?  I'm currently taking Cymbalta 30mg once daily, but still very depressed :(  Started out on 60mg daily about 2-3 years ago with no real results, so worked my way down to 30mg.  I did try one weekend to quit it cold turkey.  NOT smart!!  withdrawls were the WORST!!!
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My mom's taking Pristiq and she feels that it has fewer negative side effects and does a better job controlling the depression than Cymbalta and Lexapro.
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I tried Cymbalta prior to trying Pristiq. I had to stop Cymbalta because after 3 months even at high dosages it just was not helping with the symptoms of my depression.

On to Pristiq. I ended up on 100Mgs a day with Pristiq and took it for a good 5 months, it worked ok, but not well enough to cover my symptoms. I then got off Pristiq. (I must tell you that the withdrawl from Pristiq is very strong. MUCH worse than even with Cymbalta or Effexor.

My best results were with Effexor XR (a couple years before the Cymbalta and pristiq problem) Effexor XR just worked much better. (unfortunatly after 4 years even at 300Mgs a day Effexor stopped working for me)

Now I must take very powerful combinations of Tri-cyclic antidepressants and mood stabilizers just to get a theraputic effect. My body has slowly become antidepressant resistant. A fate that I do not wish on anyone.

This was probably caused from so many years of having to be on Psychotropic medications. The longer you take them the less they work.

Anyone or any doctor that tells you that you can not build tolerance to Psychotropic medications is a liar or just lame. Trust me....take them long enough and you will build tolerance. Just fact.
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I've just been prescribed Pristiq and just took my first daily dose (50mg). I tried a couple of antidepressants (including Lexapro) but almost felt more iritable taking them then not taking them. I will keep you posted with how Pristiq works out but it can take up to 6 wks before it really kicks in, Im told. Eh, we'll see.
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