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prognosis for chronic depressive disorder

if a person is diagnosed with chronic major depressive disorder and GAD and takes lexapro and trazadone, and has been receiving monthly counciling and medication reviews for over 10 years, what is the prognosis?  do these patients usually present with rigid type thinking, repressed rage, concrete thinking and inability to process in an abstract manner and severe fear of intimacy?
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The prognosis depends completely on the individual and the history and motivation of the individual. To place a label on them is not appropriate to treating the disorder.

Are you seeing yourself this way or another person? Either way it's useless to try to stereotype someone with major depressive disorder and GAD, both of which I suffer from.

Seek the best treatment available, forget about labels and concentrate on getting better.

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I think a lot of what you mentioned would be just an individuals personality traits and not Cronic depression or it's treatment.

I have been receiving monthly counciling and medication reviews for over 16 years, and have to take three different medications just to control my Cronic Refractory Depression and I still have a lot of creative ideas that are far from rigid in thought or application.

In fact, besides feeling like absolute **** much of the time due to my cronic illness, I am still pretty much the same person I was before being body slamed with this disease.

As far as fear of intamacy...... No way. In fact I have the opposite fear....Fear of not remaining intimate with my wife. When you suffer like I do, family becomes even more important because when your head can't hold a thought and your body is shaking with fear and doom, that's who pulls you through; family.
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I have had depression for over 17 years. I too have been on meds for it and they never helped. I keep plugging away but it's very hard to live this way, especially when I get very tired. I get so exhausted I can't even get out of bed some days.
Hope that helps.
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