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prozac and weight gain

I have recently just quit effexor and would like to know if Prozac will cause me to gain weight? I gained 30 pounds on effexor and now weight 230. I feel like just saying the hell with eveything cause I can;t seem to loose any weight. I am 52 and on oxygen 24/7. I got a home gym and it still don;t help so I was wondering about prozac and weight gain.
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When I was taking Prozac I didnt gain weight.Paxcel made me gain some though.
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Hw long were you on Prozac and how did you go off of it?
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im 17, ive been on prozac for a year and havent had any wieght gain. my godmother also hasnt had the wight gain with prozac- she was on onther medication however and literally blew up overnight. do some online research but from what ive seen and heard prozac is the best for not gaining wieght- alot of other antidepressants are terrible with that. but yes, prozac is supposed to be the best- its why my doctor put me on it (as i was worried). going off any type of medication usually causes wieght gain though, so watch out for that.

good luck and keep me posted! dont ever give up, youll find the right medication for you- it just might take time!!
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