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prozac vs. fluoxetine

Is the generic version of Prozac as good as the name brand one? Any experience with either?
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I am one of the people that do not do well on the generic forms of Prozac. Unfortunately, I am again having to go through a hell of a struggle to try and get only that on a special disability benefit despite the fact that there are many medical professionals that agree with me and it is not uncommon for Prozac generics not to work for everyone. I just want what works and what is cheap. However in this case the cheap doesn't work although in other medications I have no trouble with generics. I am terrified of getting sick again after knowing what it is like to be well. Thank goodness my previous Dr. knew what he was doing. My knew one doesn't have time to fill in all the necessary paperwork needed for a special application. She won't be my Dr. for long.
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My doctor also does not recommend the generic form of Prozac. I was on the name brand for years, then the insurance changed it on me. I noticed I was agitated, had anxiety, and was depressed for no apparent reason. She explained to me she had other patients with similar problems. So she contacted the insurance to ONLY designate name brand from now on. But I am very sensitive to medications and will get many small side effects. I'm sure you will be just fine. It could also possibly be that my body was so used to the name brand for years that it didn't accept the generic, I don't know, just a theory.
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I found generic form of the anti-depressant I am on (Effexor) was not as effective, and asked to be put back on original.

My daughter, who is a drugs rep to hospitals, said she was getting feedback from consultants who told her the generic form of her drug (for thrombosis) was not working.  It was found one salt was missing, and that made a difference.

People who have tried both, like me3, know there is a difference.  Our body tells us.  I had breakthrough depression on the generic, and now on original, I am stabilised.  Doctors and pharmacists tell you are the same, yes they are cheaper.  But only those of us taking them truly know they are not the same.
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I have taken brand name prozac before very successfully
but I have not tried the generic form.  My psychiatrist who
usually tries generics said she had not had much success
with generic prozac.  She said it took more of the generic
to do the same thing as the brand name.  I dont know but
I trust her opinion so I stuck with the brand name and it
worked great (although the co-pay is more expensive).

best wishes,
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Actually, the above answer is not entirely true.  While, by law, a generic has to contain the same dosage of the active ingredient, it isn't QUITE as simple as that.  There are a lot more factors that go into generics vs. brands (like its pharmacokinetic profile and bioequivalence (BE) and bioavailability (BA).....but it's a tad more complicated than is appropriate for this forum)  

There has been a VERY long lived debate about the efficacy of generic vs brand name meds.  For most people, they seem to be able to use either interchangeably with little or no difference in the effectiveness.  For other people, they report a BIG difference in the effectiveness of the generic and have to stick with a brand name, sometimes even a specific brand name.

Some meds have more of a reputation for this than others.  Some of the benzodiazepines (ie Klonopin, Ativan, Xanax) have frequently reported complaints about the generics.  We have seen many threads on MedHelp about generics not being as effective as brand names, but I always advise people to absolutely give the generic a fair shake.  It's much more cost effective if you can tolerate it and it works the same.  Chances are, it will be just fine for you.

Lastly, Prozac isn't one of the commonly debated drugs with issues surrounding the generics working as well, so that's good.  Definitely give it a chance, my guess is you'll be just fine.

Let us know!
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Yes they are the same.One just costs less than the other.
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