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I am depressed, and have been a chronic marijuana user for about 35 years.  

I smoke marijuana throughout each day and am thinking of replacing it with Prozac.

Is Prozac addictive?  

Does anyone have feedback or a similar situation?

Thank you,


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Anti-depressants aren't really addicitve, but you should never stop this kind of medication cold turkey.  If you decide to take it, and ever want to see how you do without it, do it with your doctor's guidance.  Some have bad withdrawl problems.  I wouldn't mix it with marijuana.  I was on Prozac for a long time, and it saved my life.  I don't know if this helps, but I'm sure others will be on here to advise you.  Good Luck!
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Thank you for your response.

I am interested to see that you are no longer on Prozac.  What made you quit and why are you doing OK without it?

Also, I am thinking of getting Prozac from one of the internet pharmacies.  Do you know if those pills are safe?

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I no longer take Prozac because it stopped working for me after many years. I now take Citolapram. I have never dealt with an internet pharmacy.  May I ask why you're considering going there?
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i don't think the pot has ever really helped your depression.  if you trully suffer from depression you should talk to a dr about it. i wouldn't trust internet drugs and w/o a scrip it's illegal.  if you want to try an over the counter check out st johns wart.
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Internet pharmacies are cheap and don't require doctors.

By the way, I have been able to force myself to start swimming laps, sailing and doing  yoga these past few weeks.  It has made me MUCH happier and more confident.  Now that I have started, I want to continue.  And I am meeting some really nice people with similar interests.  Connecting,to others, of course, is key.

I also found a book, The How of Happiness, which I highly recommend.  I wish I'd found it sooner.  And another called, Women Who Think Too Much. I also try to watch something funny that I have Tevoed before going to bed.

All this has helped me so much and I don't want to take Prozac.  Reading people's messages makes me think that no drug works, or at least not for long.  And I am really worried about the possibility of more insomnia, which they say Prozac can cause.  Any feedback on that?

Peace and love ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Then their drugs have got to be questionable at the very least.  Prozac does not cause insomnia, but helps it.  If you can deal with your depression without drugs, it is definitely worth doing, and you are fortunate to be able to do this.  But your are doing all the right things, good for you!  The meds do help a lot of us, unfortunately most people come to the blogs to tell of bad experiences, not the good.  I've been on meds for depression for 25 years and they have helped me immensely.  I'm not big on taking drugs for anything, but in this case, it's all that allowed me to function.  Keep up the good work, I think you'll do just fine without meds.
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Pot and Prozac are totally different, generally, although you may derive similar benefits.  Smoking pot often (daily, for sure) is not a great treatment for depression -- I've had a couple friends who tried that.  What's probably best is a good therapist, supportive/caring friends and family, and a healthy lifestyle.

That said, I am 'pro-marijuana' as long as it doesn't cause any problems.  For some like myself, weed can exacerbate anxiety (it also depends on the strain of the weed, THC is not the only active substance in it).  In my personal observation, when you're high you are not fully mentally engaged.  This can be both a relaxing thing as well as problematic.  Imagine a person who reads gossip magazines and watches Fox News and reality TV (sorry if this cuts deep for some), well you'd expect that since they're not using their mental faculties very much, neurons make fewer connections and older connections fizzle/weaken.  I think something similar can (not necessarily) happens while on any intoxicant, be it marijuana, alcohol, or other.

That's my 2 cents.
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Just FYI...this thread is 4 years old.
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That's ok, as long as it is searchable and the information is not out-of-date, people might still be interested to know what has been said/contributed.
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