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hi everyone, well im in a little bit of a pickle here. i have a client that is in dier need of a psychiatrist but her only type of medical insurance is Medi-cal. so my question is does anyone know of any phychiatrist that accept medical??????
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do you mean Medicaid? or MediCARE? i've never heard of an insurance called Medi-cal. i looked it up and nothing came up.
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I would call your local NAMI hotline. And perhaps the independent living center nearest you could offer suggestions on where to call (they don't provide referrals but might know who would, they do understand benefits issues fully). There's one in every county of every state:
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it seems i am suffering from severe depression,mild to severe bipolar disorder,ocd and trichotillomania, adult attention deficit disorder
do i see a psychiatrist or a psychologist?
what's the difference between these two?
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I suggest you first see a Psychiatrist. If you are diagnosed with some of these disorders, and you need medicines, a Psychiatrist will be able to prescribe you medicines. A psychiatrist will also be able to help you decide if you need psychotherapy or any form of  behavior therapy.

Some psychiatrists are qualified psychotherapists themselves. Others can guide you to a  psychologist or a therapist.

There is a discussion on the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist -


You may post any more queries regarding the difference on that thread.

Hope you find answers to your questions. Please post any more thoughts you might want to share.


Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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