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?psychosis due to xanax/ambien/zoloft

A family member has developed anxious depressive symptoms (similar to event in his teens), then bizarre, agitated and somewhat paranoid behavior after starting the above medications.  He went out drinking then drove, then hit a car and ran, and loaded guns were found in the car.  He had been on xanax, ambien and zoloft per his PCP.  His parents are claiming that he was mentally incapacitated by the drugs and had a psychotic event.  Is there any clinical evidence that these meds, singularly or together, are capable of producing a psychotic state?
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I have taken all the above medication you mentioned except for Ambien.

Xanax is an Anti-Anxiety medication in the family of Benzodiazipines.
I would find it almost impossible for Xanax to produce a Psychotic reaction.
In fact it actually works to inhibit Psychosis.

If one takes too much in one dose (for example 2Mgs or more) it can produce a high. Truth be told it's actually a very comforting, relaxing and mello kind of high. Which is why I don't take it anymore. I kind of liked it a bit too much and my Psychiatrist cut me off the Xanax.

As for Zoloft. Zoloft is in the SSRI class of Antidepressant medication. It's been aorund for almost 20 years now and has been proven very safe and "sometimes effective" for severe depression and anxiety dissorder.

Zoloft will not ever produce a "HIGH" simply because the drug just doesn't work like that.
I took a relitivly high daily dosage of Zoloft for many years and it never gave me a feeling of Psychosis.
In fact it actually worked to make me feel much less "Psychotic, and agitated.

Now my untreated Severe Depression and Anxiety made me feel Psychotic. The Zoloft and Xanax worked to make me feel normal, focused, calm, and level headed.

It would be important for me to mention that I was also 25 years old before I was treated with AD medication to correct my severe symptoms. I have heard stories of people under the age of 20 having adverse Psychotic reactions to SSRI medications like Zoloft.

It is not clearly understood why very young people have an elevated risk of showing some Psychotic behavior after taking SSRI medication, but there is evedence to support this is real.

Over many years it has been my observation that the vast majority of people that claim they experienced severe Psychotic episodes from AD medications is simply because they were not suffering from the kind of Bio-chemical Depression that requires AD medication in the first place.

In other words if you give SSRI medication to a person that is not actually suffering from a depressed brain, then yes, they do have a high liklyhood of having a very bad reaction including Psychosis.

These kinds of drugs should NEVER be taken by any person that is not truly suffering a severe form of depression in the brain. That's why many people that take this stuff because they feel bad due to some unfortunate life event, such as a devorce or loss of a loved one often have disasterous results. They are sad for a reason and do not actually have a clinical depression that stems from an abnormally functioning brain.

Unfortunatly these medications are now WAY over prescribed. One study I read suggests that AD medication is now the number one over prescribed medication in the health care industry. This has resulted in a lot of bad reactions from people that don't truly require these types of medications.

Regarding the Ambien... I don't know a lot about Ambien but some people do report very strange behavior after taking Ambien. If I need something for sleep, I find just half a miligram of Xanax to be an effective sleep aid and it doesn't give you the jitters like some sleeping meds can do.

Hope that answers some questions.
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