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psychotherapy vs drugs

I'm just wondering why most discussions on this board have so much to do with drugs and so little to do with the advantages of psychotherapy?
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i agree, mine to, but maby thats cuz i, like many pepole here are probably really badly addicted to drugs,
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I tell everyone all the time that therapy is maybe even more important than the meds, therapy na dhealthy living like small healthy meals of friuts and veggies and lean protiens. No sugar and caffiene and this aggravates depression. ther is alot you can do to keep your meds down to a minimum dosage.I suppose its the fast food world we live in . everyone thinks pills will cure everything and can I have fries with that anti depressant?
Love Venora
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Good one Venora!
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this is george73. Thank you for your comment but what should we look for in a physcotic episode. We don't know alot about this type of bad depression.
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I somewhat disagree that therapy  doesnt do anything for non situational depression. therapy gives you toiols to help you  deal with your depression and things you can do like exercise and healthy eating to keep the meds at a minimum I have always said that it takes a combo of therapy and meds to beat depression and bi polar. Healthy lifestyle can go a long ways as wellmeds without therapy is like just putting a bandaid on the porblem and doing nothing to heal the wound. ya gotta have both. therapy even more important than meds. Just my 2 cents worth. but I know this works. you have to be willing to go for it.
Love Venora
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