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michelle here is quitiapine a weight gain pill i know i need it but i think that all this weight must not be good for me i on 225 mg at might and 25mgs at morning  cause of increased anziety and double depression how can i get my weight down from these
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It is hard.  Some nights I use but I have to practice self control.  I don't know what your diet is like but the only thing I can suggest is that when you take it in the morning and it gives you the munchies, try to eat as much fruits and whole grain bread.  Some of the things that you likely already eat can be substituted fro something better.  I wait to take mine at night until right before I lay down, and I tell myself I am not getting up once I lay down.  It is ok to have a descent size breakfast but try to replace anything that could be fried or processed or especially bacon.  There are a lot of foods that you get no benefit from.  After breakfast try to eat small meals spread out through the day.  If you can stick to a good diet and practice self control, the weight will often come off without exercise but if you can exercise do it right before a meal.

Good Luck
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michelle here i will do that i take mine at 8pm so you think no food after my pills is the best i take your advice thanks for the help
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