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quitting Wellbutrin

Has anyone had any withdrawal problems with stopping wellbutrin ? im currently on 450 mg a day as well as 200 mg trazodone for depression and  0.5 ativan (as needed) for panic attacks personally i would love to throw the lot of them out but am scared of any withdrawal issues.
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I have seen and hears of wellbutrin.  
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I apologize.  I was interuppted with my response.  Yes to your question about wellbutrin withdrawls.  Not every one goes thru w/d.  If you want off your meds why not talk to your doc.  They should be able to help your w/d.  If you decide to do it by yourself I would reccomend a few thins.  Firsat do not stop all of them at once.  I would save the ativan to last.  Stock your cupboards with alot of juices, soup, crackers. Each person is an indivual and some people have no w/d.  Some just mild and some a little more wd.  The length of time you were on the drugs and their different doses will also make a difference.  If a person becomes anxious real easy and they expect w/d they  can actually increase the discomfort.  I would look into a possible relaxation, youg, or other groups that help people control their fears etc.  Gotta go.  Take care.  My prayers will be you.
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