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quitting medications

When you wean off antidepressants and along the way you get very depressed, how long can the depressed mood last?

I quit 2/3 so far (effexor from 150 mg down to 50 mg) and am in dilemma weather to quit completely or to increase a bit because I am going through smoking withdrawal as well, or should I start lexapro as my doctor suggested?

But main question how long this depressed mood can last? I have been weaning off for 2 months but for the last 3 days I lost interest in everything and just cry for no good reason. I bought some cigarettes again to see how will I feel.
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Also.......if I start lexapro now, would it eliminate effexor withdrawal symptoms?
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Hi, did you talk to your dr about this?  Or are you doing it all on your own?  It would be best to talk to your dr.  Hope this helps.
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No one can tell you how long any period of depression may last. All they can do is guess which is not useful.

In your case you have given about 4 variables which make even aguess a silly thing to do really.

You should do what the doc says. Else, why are you seeing him/her? If you dobn't trust or believe them then stop going, see someone else or no one.

You need to stop avoiding the issue and follow the docs advice. And I cannot say if leaxapro is likely to help your withdrawal at all. Ask your doc as that is who recommended it to you.

Resuming smoking will not help your symptoms, withdrawal, but they make you feel like it does. Placebo stuff, yeah?
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My goal was to quit effexor and be med free (or try it). I have a psychiatrist and he told me lexapro will/should help withdrawal symptoms. So if I feel bad I should start lexapro.

But my depression is bad so I have a choice
a) to start lexapro and hope it will cover withdrawal symptoms
b) wait for this depressed mood to go away.

That's why I asked how long withdrawal symptoms may last.

Thanks for advice on smoking.
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It's always easier switching from one antidepressant to another rather than just stopping completly. At least that has been my experience.

As for "will if feel more depression as I stop or switch my meds?"

Yes you will.
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