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rainy day

Woke up this morning feeling very blue.  Parents were working and I really felt alone and empty.  Dad ended up coming home half day which made me feel a bit better but still can't find anything to really cheer me up today.  I was thinking about maybe taking a jog around the block and seeing if that helped because I do have energy, I just feel empty.  Also, has anyone every gotten like hot flashes from depression, especially in the frontal part of your head?  It feels like a hot wave but only in the front of my head?  Anyway thanks for listening.
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If you have the energy, go out for a jog.  It might make you feel a bit better.  I'm hoping to try to go for a walk today-I've been a recluse in my house all week and I usually feel a bit better for awhile after getting out.

I have hot flashes everywhere, not just the front of my head but I do have some crazy hormonal stuff going on.  Have you had a medication change lately?
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You might want to talk to your family doctor to rule anything physical out, before worrying. If he thinks speaking with a psychiatrist, he'll give you a referral but I've never heard of having hot waves in men
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