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seeing things and hearing things

my mother is hearing music that is not there. and now she says
that I am having someone come in at night with me that is not
there. i have gotten her up and take her into the room that she
says that someone is in but she still goes back to the say thing.
What could be wrong and what should I do. She is driving me crazy.
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What is your mothers age? When did this first start and is she on any medication?
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Way too little information for any real suggestions. Myown's question is highly relevant. But saving the age problems we will all probably face it could be anything and a doc is  the first stop.
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The music started first. She is 86 years old and takes quite a few
medications, fluid, blood pressure, heart,iron supplement,acid reflux,
osteoarthritis, cholesterol,vitamins.
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My father in law started hearing songs , actually marching band type songs and his mind other than hearing things he was fine. The song would be repeated over and over and it sounded just like a radio he said.  He did wear a hearing aid in his one ear. I can't remember which ear heard the music when I try to think back, but I do remember reading that when a person starts to lose their hearing, these audible hallucinations can start. This might be what your mother is experiencing.

Its hard when they get this age. Its sad because we see they are coming near to the end and things start to change. My mother is 81 and has serious health problems, but we are fortunate that her bone pain on most days is tolerable,though some days unbearable, she still gets out, drives, takes care of her garden, loves to cook, take care of her dog. And all of this with bone, breast and liver cancer.  Yes some days are a wash out, but usually the next day she regains her strength and she gets back up and continues to live each day. So I am very fortunate in that she can still do these things and her mind is still very good.  Her memory is much better than mine and my husbands, seriously.

But i know what you are going thu must be very tough because your mothers mind is affected by whatever is going on in her body.  That I think is one of the hardest things to deal with.  I look at it this way. Our mothers took care of us from the time we were infants, changing diapers, rocking us in there arms until we got well. They listened to us ask the same questions over and over and all little kids do.  If my mothers mind ever gets to that point, which I pray it doesn't, but if it does, I will just have to deal with it best I can, Yes it will be like dealing with a child when a mother gets like that, but just as they dealt with as with patients when we were children, I will deal too in whatever way I have to to keep my mother as comfortable as I possibly can.

its so painful to think of the day my mother wont be here with me. I really have a rough time with that thought, which is not healthy for me. But I can't help it, she is the best, so no matter what I face with her health, I will be there.  I know how difficult it is though qstick, but just know that these things happen and we have to deal with them the best we can.....Its hard I know.

I hope things get easier for you. Maybe a relative can help relieve you once in a while so you can get some time for yourself.

I wish you the best.
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