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severe bloating? weight gain?????

I am on generic version of Wellbutrin xl 150 mg for 6 weeks now.  My stomach gets VERY big and bloated after the tiniest meal.  It stays very bloated most of the day,  I have gained 4 pounds in this 6 weeks.  Ironically, my appetitie has decreased.  I am also very "short" with people out of the blue.  
My question is...do these side effects go away???  I can't get over how bloated my stomach is  extremely uncomfortable..  This medicine does make me constipated, but I drink lots of water and have plenty of fiber as I normally would,  Thanks for your help
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I think since its been 6 weeks its time to consult your doctor about this,usually initial side effects pass after 2 weeks but it can last longer.
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