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side effects of buprion.

My doctor has decided that Depression is the cause of my anxiety, and has upped my bupropion to 450 mg a day until the tremors and shaking started, then he lowered me back down to 300. Now I have feel angry or like crying all the time. An explotion can come at anytime, but because the depression was better at 450 mg a day he wants to combine atenolol with it to fight the side effects. I don't like the side effects of either one of these drugs. Isn't there one medication I can take that will control anxiety and depression with out the crazy side effects? I'm angry that he has put me on atenolol to counteract the side effects of bupropion. What is going to fight the side effects of the atenolol?
I do not want to be a walking pharmacy.
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I don't really get it. Atenolol is used for people with high blood pressure or arrythmia or people that have had an heart attack to avoid them having another one. Has your doctor talked about something like that? or does it perhabs have anything to do with bupropions slight risk of seizures? You have to ask your doctor! Good luck!/ Pixie
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My Dr put me atenolol to control the tremmors I get as a side effect of taking buproprion.
Sometimes I could just scream at my dr. are you listening to me?
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But if you get tremors from bupropion that may indicater a heightened risk of seizures so your doctor surely must give you something for this to avoid putting you at more risk than necessary? As I said, the only way is to tell your doctor this and in the end do as you please, it's your bodý. OR, and I would suggest this, get a second opinion. And yes, there certainly are many other anti-depressants than bupropion! They give other side effects, though: some fits some better than others. As for me, bupropion is the only one I can take; I have also tried Paxil, Celexa and Zoloft and they all made me feel lethargic, sleepy and in the mood for nothing. Yes, bupropion makes it hard for me to sleep and makes me slightly edgy, but I get the energy and the feelings of motivation. it's really different for everybody. I don't get the tremors etc, though.
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Do you have any problem with burst of anger or crying on Buproprion?
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hey honey, yes, I actually do. it complicated, I am an alcoholic and am trying hard to keep it under check, but the times I fall back on drink I get bleary and then angry. So that is rather the alcohol talking, but bupropion enhances it. As you know one shouldn't drink on anti-depressants. Bu even if one isn't it doesn't surprise me that a depressed person has those outbursts! I am naturally a very temperamentful person and my marriage partly broke up because of my anger issues. But looking at only bupropion; it is an dopamin re-uptake inhibitor (most other anti-deåressants work on the serontonin lvel!) and the dopamin is the "love signal substance" meaning the idea is to give you a more up-beat outlook on life etc However, it can also cause unnecessary stress with this "excitement" and you may be better off with a SSRI, like Prozac, celexa, paxil, Prozac etc Ask your doctor! Say you're too moody and don't like it! Remember that I am NOT a doctor and these are only lay man's suggestions! Good luck and feel free to post more, I am happy that you do and hope I am helping somewhat!
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