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social anxiety and depersonalization

I'm a 24 year old female and have had problems with depersonalization (off and on) for about 2 months. And been having panic attacks for about 1 year and have had social anxiety for about 5 years. I was diagnosed with it by my doctor and  I recently was prescribed Celexa and took  10mg for about 5 days. I stopped taking it because it made my anxiety attacks and my depersonalization worse. The last 2 days that I was taking it ..I felt sooo messed up and confused. I felt like i was losing my mind. I even took a trip to the ER and they told me to get to off the Celexa.
I have an appointment at the mental health clinic to see a Psychiatrist but it will be a few weeks before i'll be about to see him .  It's really the only option i have at the moment because i dont have insurance.
I would just like your opinion on what would help my depersonalization and is  depersonalization a symptom of the anxiety? Or is it a symptom of some kind of nervous breakdown that has been lasting for 2 months? It might has something to do with my social anxiety. I'm scared to try another anti depressant because of the bad reaction to the celexa.
I would like some advice so i can take it up with my psychiatrist when i see him.
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Its good that you are seeking help.  No one should be uncomfortable, especially with the symptoms you have.  They are the worst because they mar reality and are very upsetting.  It sounds like what your are experiencing is much broader than the symptoms you have.  They are merely small insights into what might be a larger picture.  Depersonalization and disassociation are ways the mind copes with outside interference, much like the social anxiety.  Both are directly related to your fight or flight instinct and the brain is trying to figure out how to keep you safe for some reason.  Most illness like this doesn't appear until the early 20s so it might not have been caused by a specific event.  More like a series of events over the course of your lifetime and as people age, organically the brain changes.  Do not be afraid of medication.  I am not a huge proponent of it but it can get you comfortable enough to work at arresting your symptoms. Understand that psychiatry is an art unlike any other medical specialty.  It takes more time and effort on both the doctor and patient's part to alleviate symptoms.  If it were that easy, message boards like this wouldn't exist. Be honest with the doctor and explain that Celexa did not agree with you and you are sensitive to medication.  Ask the doctor what he/she would prescribe as a comprehensive plan that you do not want to be treated simply with medication.  Psychiatry doesn't offer all the answers but can provide an avenue to feel better, just be open to what is offered.  Leaving your symptoms untreated will only cause you more pain.  Keep us posted.
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