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stress related depression !!

Helloo , i have a strange problem and i want ur help guys , i used to drink caffiene along time ago , and i like pepsi energy drinkjs coffe Etc .... . last year  i noticed that i suffer from increased sensitivity to pepsi tea , coffee and no longer tolerate them in a good manner plus mood and sleep disturbances , when i drink dew or pepsi i get the feeling of enormous energy supply that i can run atrack 50 times 0_o .  but the problem is that at the end of the day i feel crashed tired and next day mood is the opposite (Low) cant even talk or concentrate ,  yesterday i have read an article related to Dr Wilson about something called adrenal fatigue and i found out that adrenal fatigue symptoms exactly apply with my condition :1-  insomnia , 2- depression and 3- next day mood problem if the day beforee is stressed with caffiene or other stressoors plus 4 - morning low state and maximum concentration or energy at 6 pm , i cant think my life how it would be without pepsi or moundew or these amazing bevereges , i feel bad and quiet sure that my problem is not from pepsi or dew there is somrthing hromonal related to the problem  is there is a reason for that , i went to a internal medicine doctor performed some blood tests all of things u can imagine except cortisol and adrenalin (doupt they are measured ) and he told me there is nothing wrong in blood kidney or liver ,, now what should i do ? i gave up caffiene now for 2 weeks i feel better sleeping but depressed :( any idea what is going on with me :)) thanks alot
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Well, what you describe certainly COULD be related to the drinks you're consuming that have high levels of caffeine.  You're describing that caffeine "crash" so many experience, especially the people who regularly ingest significant amounts of energy drink type products.  

It sounds like so far, your lab work was all normal, which is good.  I think it's more likely that your symptoms are attributed to your caffeine use, versus an adrenal problem.  The best way to really figure that out is to do a test run where you eliminate that from your routine completely.  I know you did that already, but you didn't give yourself enough time to adjust.  You were likely still feeling a "withdrawal" type phenomenon.  

If you cut those things out of your diet and give yourself some time, like at least a month or two, you may find that you're feeling much better.  I think it's a good idea, it's not the most healthy of habits, and if it's responsible for making you feel lousy, that's not a good thing.

Obviously, if after a month or two without these items you're still feeling lousy, then it's time to go back to the doctor for more testing.

Good luck!
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thanks alooot for ur advice i got convinced i will apply the points u have mentioned ,,
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