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tapering of zoloft is it safe to take xanax

so after taeking 25 mg of zoloft for 2 weeks feeling horrible from it getting no support from my doc i tapered down to 12.5 mg . yesterday was day 4 and im haveing withdrawl sideaffects. yesterday i felt like i was haveing minor anxiety attacks all day long.  barely slept at all was haveing major hot flashes. today dawns day 5 on the 12.5mg and i feel no better. the nausa and stuff isnt to bad but  the withdrawl feelings that im haveing attacks is lasting. i wanna take a xanax so bad today especially since its 90 outside and my husband is at work till 7pm but i havent taken a xanax in over a week and dont wanna get dependent on them again . so confused here
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Your doctor should be more supportive.There are no doctors on this forum but a nurse who could advise you perhaps--please wait for nursegirl to come back online.
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yea we went in and talked to the doc last week that i wanted to get off the meds id rather go talk to a psych the pills are making me feel horid. and all the doc was concerned about was putting me on a different pill and upping my xanax dose and wanting me to take it more often .me pissed us off so bad cause he wouldnt even listen.
i went outside with my daughter for a bit and blew bubbles till it got to hot so that helped me feel somewhat better. but now being back inside its only a matter of time before the feelings come back again.
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gave in took a .5 mg xanax feeling somwhat better. thinking maybe i should have gotten off the zoloft first then the xanax instead of the other way
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Your doctor, upon hearing that after two weeks on sertraline, you were not doing well, actually did the corret thing by wanting to try you on something else. Sertraline reaches therapeutic levels quite quickly in the world of ADs.......usually after a week, some changes in mood are noticed. After one week, you cut the dose in half, (altering the dose of ANY psychotropic med on your own should NEVER be attempted) but you continued to feel lousy. (Part of which could possibly be blamed on a too fast taper. Cutting a dose in 1/2 is never recommended and can often cause even worse rebound problems, which it sounds like is happening to you.) Your doc wanted to up the sertraline dose and put you back on Xanax. While that regime MAY have worked for some people, your doctor is obligated to listen to what YOU'RE comfortable with and prescribe accordingly.

I would advise you to find a doctor who is well versed in the withdrawal of psych meds and get off the sertraline correctly and begin again. You can discuss using the Xanax on a strictly PRN basis until the new AD has reached therapeutic levels, then leave it alone.You will not become dependant nor reach tolerance levels with the Xanax if used PRN for the shortest time possible. (Once or twice a WEEK for <4 months) Almost all ADs have an off-label use for anxiety and/or panic disorders as well, so once they kick in, you should be well covered.

One of the most important "virtues" those of us with depression must learn is patience. These drugs take time to work. They all have some side effects we just have to push through until we adjust. Staying in contact with our doctors during this phase is very important. It's well documented that most people give up on antidepressants within the first two weeks.

If you can get into therapy with medication as an adjunct, that usually works the best for many of us.

You can find doctors who work with psych meds by calling your local hospitals MD Referral service.

You'll be fine when you get on the right meds and hopefully into therapy.
You might want to have your doctor run some blood panels to check your thyroid and hormone levels. Those can often cause the same symptoms as depression. You may be getting treated for the wrong disorder! It's worth finding out.
I wish you the best. Write if you need to talk.
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It's OK that you took the Xanax, Dorothy! Don't beat yourself up. If it made you feel better, then just go with that feeling!

So much of this stuff is trial and error anyway. You "tried" the Xanax. It WASN'T an "error."

It's fine to take both of the meds at the same time. But please see a doctor, OK?
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yea im looking for a new doc. i dont wanna take any of the pills honestly. id rather go in and talk to someone about my problem. i cut the 25 mg dose in half cause thats the info i found on safest way to taper off it. iwas feeling better since i took the xanax  except for headach till my husband calls screaming at me for takeing a xanax after i havent taken o ne in a week now.  i really feel i should have gotten the zoloft out of my system before doing the xanax not the other way around
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