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tapering off lexapro going right on cymbalta is this done

My pshy is taking me off lexapro after 8 days and said do a slow taper and start right on cymbalta at the same time im scared of being on 2 antidepresants even though the taper is only for  a few days,she just wanted to make sure i didnt have any withdrawals from the lexapro even though only been on it a short time im so scared and she is gonna start me on abilify also
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sorry the Lexapro didnt work. It was the ONLY med that ever helped me.  I think you need to follow your doctors instructions. She should know how long you need to taper off a med. I don't think you need to be scared after taking the med for 8 days.
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Im scared of how being on all these meds will make me feel im alos on klonopin and i took the cymbalta this morning and i feels spacy,,,,,,maybe i just didnt give lexapro a long enough try but im so afraid of meds and it was making me feel confused and nowim scared of how the cymbalta is makinfg me feel 2 hours after taking it and i was on it befpore im med phobia any thoughts
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call your doctor if you are feeling that bad. Call now b/4 the clinics close for the day.
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called dr said i dont have to taper off lex and if cymbalta keeps making me so sleepy to take at night i have a big dinner tonight out of town and dont know how im gonna make it im tired..have u ever been on more than one med
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yes I have. You sometimes get drowsy at first. Don't worry, just do what your doctor told you to do. You will be fine.
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Both meds are in the same class. Easy switches are possible, especially since you've on been on it 8 days No need for taper.. Anytime there are brain chemical changes, expect a bit of a short term  effect. If this is your first time being on meds, it may take a bit for you to adjust 7-10 days for the initial side effects to mellow down, with some it may be a bit longer. I wouldn't fret too much, it will only stress you out even more, I'm sure you'll be just fine :) I would take the drug 2-3 hours before bed if you can. It's safe to have both in your system, as well, some folks have other meds as add ons.
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