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to celexa, or not to celexa....

fabulously i am currently without insurance, and my doctor wants to see me to decide if he should refill my celexa or not. grrr. i have been on it for aprox. 4 years. 40mgs/day. what happens if i stop taking it now?
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Not knowing what you are taking the Celexa for and if you find it helpful I don't see the point in discontinuing it, unless you feel that you are stable enough to handle lifes' stresses without it.

If your doctor does, however, renew your prescription and you find it too costly, you may want to investigate some of the programs offerred by manufacturers that allow certain persons to obtain their medications at little or know cost.

For more information abot these programs, you can go to:

https://www.pparx.org/Intro.php, or,


Hope this information will be helpful.

Good luck!

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After 4 years you shouldn't just put on the brakes where the Celexa is concerned.  Talk to your Dr. before you come off of it.  Also, you can always go to the pharmaceutical website and apply for a hardship if you cannot afford the meds, they might be able to help?  Just a thought.  I've been on Celexa for 8 or 9 years now?  I cannot remember exactly.  
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The problem Lisa repots is that she cannot afford the OFFICE Visit.Often, there are also sliding scale clinics.

Where I live, you can see someone at the county hospital and pay later.

About the cost of the RX, the others have given you some suggestions, except that you probably need it quickly.

Hope this helps.

Write bacl if you need more help.
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Maybe the Dr. can get you some samples in the meantime.  I hope you get the meds you need Lisa.  I'll be sending up good thoughts for you!
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there are many resources avalilable to you at your county and state. contact social services and they can put you in contact with health care providers that can help you at little or no cost.
I assume you are taking celexa for depression. If you stop taking the celexa the depression will return. good luck to you and let me know how things work out for you.
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celexa is a mental health medication, i know DUH.... EVERY CITY COUNTY STATE HAS A STATE SPONSORED MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES. and pretty much all of them offer some type of rx assist and have a supply to provide until that is in place or a state pharmacy that can fill a "B" script. A "B" script is a sponsored script you take to a specific pharmacy, requires a touch of paper work at the state mental health facility , recent paychk or tax rtn info is sufficient docs. The "B: script entitiles you to medicaid cost $3 or free meds until perm assist can be started,. Good Luck
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my doctor ended up refilling my rx for one month, and the whole teetering led to a decision of self rx-ing to 20mgs. :) i figure 1/2 of me wanted to stop taking it all together, 1/2 of me was afraid to stop- but questioning whether or not it was even doing anything for me at all.......... so i changed my dose- with better than expected results- and ending up with a 2 month supply!

thank you all for your advice- i really needed it :) you are great !
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