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treatment resistant

I've suffered depression most of my life and wanted to talk to someone else who has tried all meds including prozac, paxil, effexor, lexapro, zoloft, wellbutrin, ambilify, topomax, cymbalta, serazone, lithium without much help. I can't be the only treatment resistant person. Oh, and I've had ECT 12 times. Am I alone in my non-resistance?
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do you have memory loss?
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I have some short term memory loss from the ECT but the last time I had it was in November of last year. My memory is coming back. ECT works 80% of the time.
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I have been treated with just about all the medications out there,therapy, and hospitals for about 25 years. I had about 25 bi-lateral ECT's 12 years ago and experienced some memory loss, but had some relief of the depression symptoms. After numerous suicide attempts and hospitalizations I have again returned to ECT's, this time uni-polar. I am having much relief from my depression , and no more suicidal thoughts. I also do not have any memory loss. ECT is supposed to be a therapy of last resort, and for me it was. I am pleased with the results. I feel for the people who feel differently, Vince
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