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unhappy all the time

I'm 31 years old and am blesssed with a husband, 2 daughters, a job, a car, finacially stable and a beautiful home and lots of family.  I feel unhappy everyday for some reason.  i have no energy levels and that hurts me so bad that I don't have the energy to play with my kids.  I feel myself yelling all the time and complaining about the dumbest things.  everything I once loved, which includes shopping, spending time with my kids, hanging out with parents and sisters are long gone.  i try to stay as far as away from there as i can.  I'm always tired but not sleepy just restless.  It seems like everybody and everything annoys me.  I feel ugly, worthless and tired of being tired.  Someone please help me.  What should I do?
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you are suffering with depression or at least have the symptoms suggest you see your doctor
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Hi.  I think everyone on this forum can relate to how you're feeling and it's due to depression.  It robs us of everything, but there is help and you can get the happiness back in your life again.  See a psychiatrist for an evaluation, I suggest a psychiatrist because if medication is needed, they are the most knowledgable and he can refer you to the proper therapist.  Often we have no idea what is causing our depression, it can be a chemical imbalance, or a traumatic even from our past which we never truly dealt with.  If yours has a root cause then therapy will be very beneficial in helping you to learn what it is...deal with it, and move on.  If not then you may need to take medication to control the symptoms, just like any other medical condition.  Know you're not alone, and there is so much help for you!  Sharing with us was a big first step, now take the next.  We're always here for you, and keep us posted!
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try 2 calm down take a deep breath an relaxe ask yourself what is it that you want i think you need a weekend away alone so that you can have peace of mind an think
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Hey... Im so sorry to hear what ur going through I know the pain seems never ending. Do not blame urself o beat urself up for how ur feeling if we could control our emotions then everyone would be happy smiling. I would recommend talking to a professional as opposed to the people in ur life a professional is equipped to deal with all the issues u present whilst the people in ur life just dont understand y u cant just not be sad :)

I'm sure u have friends here thanks for posting and keep us updated
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I hope you get to feeling better.  I believe most people have the capacity to become depressed. Those with mood disorders have a harder time bouncing back from it but if it doesn't get better, talk to a doctor.

Until then try some of these exercises:

Mind- Read some books that have inspirational messages or a fantasy plot.  Try to draw something.  It doesn't matter if you want to paint, use crayons, or pen and pencil.  Don't draw something for yourself draw something for your kids, it will likely feel better.

Body- Do some light yoga or other exercise 3 times a week.  Try not to have too much caffiene or fried foods.  Challenge your body and your reflexes every day.  

Spirit- Learn about CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), read a religious or spiritual book.  Whichever might suit you best.  Stop the stinking thinking.  If you are unhappy or depressed avoid complaining as best you can.  Think about the words that are about to come out of your mouth and think to yourself:  "Is what I am about to say going to benefit me or the person I am about to say it too?"

I am not an expert but I am in the middle of a fantastic rapid cycle bipolar state.  I have to do these things on the days I am depressed because the medicine I take is not enough yet.  I can tell you that 9 times out of 10 one of these practices will benefit me greatly.  Good Luck
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The things that u have listed are really good tips Ive tried doing some of that recently and it really does feel better. Of course I'm not cured of my depression but it all takes time.
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I will likely never be cured of mine but I fight it every second I am awake.  Probably prolonging the end conclussion but I do it anyway....
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That just goes to show ur strength dear and I am so happy that u r tapping into it I used to think about killing myself but I said "what good would that do? all thats gonna happen is I'm gonna die and thats it...but if I fight then my life can get better if I work hard at it" of course I needed lots of help in truly taking this statement to heart but Ive proven my theory for even believing in it. I hope everything is fine with u guys.
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Thank you.  It is nice to meet you.  Let me know if you need anything or if you just want to talk.  

unhappyintexas:  I am sending you a message.
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Ur welcome and thanks also.

I'll send friend requests to u guys

unhappyintexas: sending friend request
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hi ,

  I feel your pain I have everything I could want except kids but when i found out my husband was seeing another woman.I went into such a depression i didn't leave my bed for 3 days. I went nuts when i found out and almost beat the crap out of him and broke anything that i could find even my wedding potrait. I felt like that show "who the bleep did I marry" finally i got tired of crying and screaming and shut down. my heart broke 1 day when i heard my hub on phone telling his friend "o shes nuts i can't take her anymore" i walked out of the bedroom open the door and said "get the hell out cause if im nuts u made me nuts" i had to get mylife back all i did was cry never saw my family it got to the point where i lost almost 50 lbs my family thought i was on drugs or anerexic.
my Dr. put me on celexa and It helped alot. it took me 3 yrs  to get back to my old self.
Some people don't believe in taking medicine they use herbs or other natural things but i believe it's a chemical imbalance that requires medication to even out ure brain but thats just me.  U HAVE URE FAMILY AND URE KIDS TO LIVE FOR . I was so depressed I wanted to just die but this was xmas time and i kept saying "i can't do that to my mom or dad theyd be lost.  
i hope everything works out 4 u k.i.t.

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