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webmd ruined medhelp.

Webmd is owned by Internet Brands. The most ridiculously run company in the world. They singlehandedly ruined a site that could have thrived. They are run by incompetents. Be mad at them. They deserve it.
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It depends on the individual and the nature of the problem causing depression. Were you diagnosed by your doctor, and how long ago did your problem start?
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If the depression is caused from psychological reasons there are several therapies that can be of significant help, as well as using an anti-depressant in some cases.  CBT is one therapy.  I've used it for over 20 years and think it's a very good tool to over come clinical depression.  

Some children, unfortunately, don't receive good parenting from their caretakers as they grow up.  The lack of legitimate needs being met for unconditional love and trust issues within the family can send negative messages to the child as he/she grows up.  Those negative messages can cause the child to view themselves as unworthy of love and even make them feel like they are a "bad" person.  All of this can cause havoc for the person once they are an adult.  

CBT can help the person unravel the problem, sometimes with the help of a counselor or psychologist, and enable the person to "unlearn" the negative messages they received while growing up.   This empowers the person to recover from the depression.

My Son is currently dealing with this from parenting issues related to myself.  I wish I had come into contact with CBT fifteen years earlier.  If I had he might not be struggling with anxiety and depression today.  I feel very responsible for his current struggles with anxiety and depression and have tried to help over the last 20 years to help him understand CBT. Thus far I've had very limited success with passing on the coping skills of CBT.
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So, depression is well studied at this point and a very common disorder. There are degrees to it. There is situational depression that would happen after say a loss of a loved one or a job. People are very low in mood but it is because of something. And there is depression that happens for no reason. All is really treated the same other than waiting out situations to get better. There are basic things that anyone can do to help with depression.  Lifestyle things such as getting proper sleep, nutrition and exercising regularly.  Exercise is almost like medicine for some people!  Working on yourself in a positive and proactive way.  Making goals, small goals.  1 percent changes add up.  If depression is pervasive, it's important to reach out for help. Talk therapy is excellent. CBT works on how we think.  Things like addressing distorted thought, reframing things, etc.  DBT works on coping skills like breathing, grounding, etc.  And adding medication to these can really help some people as well. Most doctors start with SSRI's which are very effective for so many people.  https://www.healthline.com/health/depression/how-to-fight-depression  That link has 22 natural things to try. I liked this article as well.  https://www.webmd.com/depression/features/natural-treatments  

How long have you been depressed? Important to work with your doctor if you suffer clinical depression. We're here to talk!
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