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weight gain

Hi There,

I suffer from anxiety and depression; I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when I was 16 after watching my mother pass from cancer. I struggled for years with horrible nightmares which continued to plague me into adulthood. I decided to talk to my doctor about these unbearable symptoms and she prescribed Lexapro for me in effort to reconcile the sleeping problems, depression and anxiety. Since I have been on Lexapro; I have experienced fewer nightmares but it has left me somewhat numb to emotion, dizzy and hyperactive. I have also had an EXTREMELY difficult time loosing the weight I gained with my son who is now 6 months old and I work out over 2 hours a day, EVERY DAY and hardly eat anything!!! This weight gain has also added to my depression. As of now; I am no longer going to take Lexapro. Maybe I will add Yoga to my 2 hours at the gym and hope for the best.
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Well knowing these same symptoms I have done process of elimination..First off I knew from stress I was gaining to much weight..my mind was like a movie at night ..one nightmare after another..So for the night sweats and anxiety..I cut out coffee totally. I started a new  mind mediation treatment for myself..to blank out any negativities from the day..just before I went to bed..I'm not going to say this was easy..my mind raced like it was in a revolving door but with long deep breathing exercises I managed to get it under control.  Then it was the weight gain..I finally was diagnosed with hypothyroidism..it played a game at first with my doctor..finally the last blood test showed this was what it was..So for now I am on synthyoid. I changed my eating habits once again to a totally healthy diet including activia..that yogurt helped my bloating so much and actually my IBS has backed off me now..I always drank lotssssssss of water..So now for the fatigue and depression..I am not sure if you are away of the hurdles Hypothroid can put your body through..I lost alot of hair..my bones felt like I was 99 fatigue was putting it mildly and well I looked like the Michelin man all bloated..Slowly but surely some of these issues have subsided..But the main reason now is I still feel blue at time..Whether it would be from menopause or the fact that my mothers death as put me over the edge..I can only take one day at a time..My next step is acupuncture..but I can tell you this..Read that book "The Secret" many times as we feel so down we tend to bring negativities to ourselves including alot of ailments..I also started taking St.Johns Worts to boost up my moods..slowly as all these took ove my body..NOW I am slowly getting back who I was..Including my horseback riding and rollerblading..I wish you much success with your health and maybe you can find out if you have post pardum..I also looked into this other Natural resource called Maca..do some research...and most likely you will be able to help yourself.. Have a great day and a Healthy one..
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