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I am finally feeling better!!! Dr has me on 150mg Wellbutrin, lexapro. Very little side effects. Ive been reading
posts for awhile here and mostly see all the bad stuff people experience. I've got to be hopeful that everything
will work out. Mottos: It is was it is.........Let Go and Let God......... If you cant change something something. MOVE ON
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what a great post!!  it's really nice to see someone have a treatment that actually works!!  good for you!
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Yay I am glad you are feeling better. It is always good to hear positive stuff on here!
I wish you all the best

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How long did it take to work? I'm 2 weeks in.
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How long did it take to work? I'm 2 weeks in.
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one month.. actually the only side effect was constipation, maybe some increased sweating? idk its been humid here in AZ........ Good luck & Blessings
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Thanks. How much lexipro do u take? I lowered my dosage to 150, wellbutrin. 300 was to strong. 2 weeks. I pray it works. Does it just click? Also does it give u energy?
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