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wellbutrin sr 300mg to wellbutrin xl 450 mg

i hope someone might help out here seems noone wants to answer my questions..im not the crazy person i used to be,I have been doing wonderful the past year,i just today stopped 10 mg of prozac down from 50 that i was on last summer cit 10 mg a time..my hormones were low so dr put me on hormone pills and thyroid pills,i haad been on wellbutrin sr about 1 year 300 mg to counteract sexual side effects from prozac,it didnt help though,so my dr changed me from 300 wellbutrin sr to 450 mg xl,tonight for the first time in ages i feel kind of dizzy..ondering if it might be to high of a change over on the wllbutrin,,hoping after prozac is out of system i will have a sex drive any info would help or has anyone switched from the sr to the xl? thaNKS
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Go on-line and research the normal dosage for
The XL: it seems high. Were you given a generic
Or name brand?  That makes a big difference.
Generic is NOT the same. I have found it
Weaker and may be prescribed with a higher
Dosage. I did experience dizziness after switching
Back to name brand and had to reduce the dosage.
Good luck.
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mine is generic,even with insurance i cant afford name brand..today im dropping back to 2 and try that,i hust feel like since i was on 150 mg sr twice a day that 2 of the xl might work...im on my 3rd day of no prozac..i read on line where the 450 mg is not unusual..i may need that much with out the prozac..i dont know i just want my sexx liofe back..the hormones and thyroid problem was finally found and i believe thats whats been going on all these years,not depresssion.
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Hi I have been on every antidepressant know to man...All gave me sexual side effects BUT Cymbalta. I have been on it for several months now and able to enjoy sex again. I am on 60 but feel I need a little more. Good Luck!!
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