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wellbutrin xl verses wellbutrin sr

hello,i have been on 150 mg wellbutrin 2 x aday for about 1 year,I tried recently the xl version but i got very gripey Aafter about a week on it,it was a bit more of a higher dose 450mg. but seems i was losing weight on the xl and i liked that,but i couldnt go around and bite everyones head off!!So i went back to mt sr 150 2x a day,but now it seems like my left breast hurts,i dont see how this could be related...and does the xl help the sex drive better than the sr,i hope someone might have some info for me,maybe someone has went thru this.Thank you
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I have been taking the wellbutrin xl 450mg for an extended period of time.  I wish I had lost weight, it seems like I never  have that side effect, only the weight gain.  As for being "very gripey", I think sometimes the depression can be a cause for that also.  I bite my tongue a lot and just keep quiet rather than say what I am really thinking.  Good luck to you and I hope you find something that will work well for  you. I don't think I have found "the drug" yet, but keep hoping it is out there....
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