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when is it truly depression

I recently came off of paxil because a doctor decided not to call me back or accept me back as a pt.. who knows really .. stuck in a pickle i ran out of meds.  i went through holy hell and back withdrawing..   But what seems like normal **** and then some that i am going through.. ? of divorce trouble with kids..  teenagers,  where i work is even worse.. Its alot of stress right now.. we started family counseling and the dr. wants me to see a psych and go back on meds.  I guess i am not suppose to feel any emotion, pain, saddness, hurt, anger.. What gives  i dont understand i feel let down by the doctors , and yet they want me to see someone and go back on meds..   Sore subject..  So how do you know if it is truly depression.. Yes i am go ing through more that i care to be and yes i am experiencing alot of emotions.  But isnt that real emotions.  
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There are psychological tests to do too. I think it's called MADRS-S. Over a certain score, medications are suggested. There are still things that are closer on mind even though the score should be lower than "suggested medications".
We really are supposed to feel and think thoughts about it! Trust me. Things can be very tough without being entirely sure what to think about and around it. Therapy comes before meds if you ask my personal opinion.
Online support groups can be quite helpful!

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thanks,, just threw that out there , hubby decided to talk to older kids about upcoming cleaning of house and decluttering and fixing in prep for putting it on the market and moving our separate ways.. My family is very stressfull in itself it his, mine and our children and they all live with me wether they want to or not..  
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There are different levels of Depression and anxiety.
I can only say that when I was at my worst with my condition that I was completly non-functional. I guess the closest I can describe it was feeling like I was on some kind of never ending bad LSD trip. I felt constant fear in my head, I was utterly hopless, I couldn't concentrate enough to even read, My body would tremble, Thoughs of suicide actually made me feel good inside. It was about the closest thing I can describe to living in Hell itself. I guess that's when you know you have it bad.
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