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withdrawal symptoms,depression

iam 22 yr male.iam using spit tobacco for the last 4 years.i tried to quit for many times but i could'nt.main problem is withdrawal symptoms like drowsiness,depression,constipation,anxiety,insomnia.the main issue is constipation.without tobacco i cant evacuate my bowels.mentally iam very depressed and i cant even say to my parents or friends.please help me and give sugession for the withdrawal symptoms like constipation and it will be more useful for quitting tobacco.i feel very depressed and I cannot concentrate on my regular activities.PLEASE HELP ME
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I quit smoking like 10 years ago and I do have constant depression too. I take medication for it but for your withdrawal symptoms, like constipation, you can take stool softners that will help with that. As for the other symptoms talk to your doctor. I know for smoking they have a patch and other things to help ease symptoms but I'm not sure about chew.
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