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would anyone like to talk?

I dont know who to ask and i do not want to bother anyone that does not want to be bothered.Im going throgh alot of things right now, is there anyone who maybe is also dealing with things and want to talk .Can i message you?
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My computer is way slow and pretty useless.
You could try posting here if you wanted.  Most people read and respond because they care and are interested in helping.

I'm happy for you to message me if you want.  

I've had a bit on too.  I even rescued the cat today because mum tied it up in a sack and was going to drown it.  That was so not cool of her.
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If you need to talk about what is going on right now, you can message me. I can answer a lot of questions about mental health issues, since I am a students of this area, as well as a consumer. I have done a ton of research in many areas. And if you just need someone to listen I can do that too.
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You can talk to me. I am experiencing a lot of emotional pain too, and have been trying to deal with it. If you want to talk, just let me know.. Take care...
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just send me a message i would be happy to listen...
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You can message me as well!
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