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xanax withdrawal procedure

I have been taking xanax for five or six years at least and would like to quit because I have heard that it can cause dementia which already runs in my family.I take approximately a half of a 2mg. bar at night now and then more rarely less.I also take lexapro and blood pressure and cholesterol meds.My question is what is a good procedure for quitting this dose of xanax?
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The procedure is to taper off very very slowly and doing a cross-switch to a benzodiazepine with a longer half-life during the procedure. A good withdrawal example would be: gradually reducing your xanax dose at night then when youre on a very low dose of xanax you can bring on a very low dose of diazepam taken both together then do that for a while still reducing the xanax then when you are only on diazepam now you gradually reduce this one. Maybe your doctor will put you on diazepam right on so it is easier for you to manage the dose reducing since you can have 10mg and 5mg. The cross-switch is only for those who play it very safe. If your doctor is unaware of the withdrawal procedure please tell him to work with your pharmacist you will most likely know the procedure.

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