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xanax xr. .5mg and celexa 10mg

im 34 years old currently taking xanax xr .5mg in the morning(daily) for anxiety and stress and celexa 10mg  for depression at night(daily) (generic brands) for 2-weeks, the side effects that i've experience with xanxa xr .5mg is drownsy, anxious, off and on.  celexa 10mg dry mouth, nausea in the morning, off and on.  i was told that it's normal because my body is adjusting.  at the moment since 9.3.08 i've been experience acid reflux, taking mylanta.  
my husband and i have not depression subsiding, but my anxiety and stress are off and on. i go to the dr. next wednesday and i hope and pray that she doesn't increase or switch i'll get back to you.  if anyone has experience anything like this please comment!!!!
i just want it to go away!!!! i have faith and i know im going to be ok.  may god bless everyone out there!!!!!
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i'm sorry for what your going through. it does take time for meds to start working. i've never taken xanax xr but regular xanax and it works fast. try to hang in there and give your meds time to work. i take pepcid ac and it works great. i hope you feel better. take care. remar
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The Xanax will make you drowsy. No question about that.

I take Xanax also but only at night becuase for me it's the worlds best sleeping pill.
If my anxiety gets crazy in the daytime then I just take .25mgs and it just enough to take the edge off and not make you too sleepy.

Once that Celexa kicks in good then you should be able to discontinue the usage of the Xanax. At least that's the ultimate goal.

It kind of depends on the P-doc. Some of them beleive that Xanax can be used long term as a maintenence medicine, and other say only for temp usage.
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I have take Xanax XR at the same and at much higher dosages. The xanax will always make you tired if you take alot of it, but there is definitely a "getting used to" stage,. For me it was about 3-4 wks each time it was changed. The general help for anxiety feeling will also even out, but personally that dosage did nothing for severe anxiety and anxiety attacks, I would say if you aren't used to or rid of most side effects in  4 wks then its not the right medication for you.
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Yea, Xanax is funny like that. I have to go long periods without taking for a while because I build up a super human resistance to it in just a few months. So much so that I have to take 2Mgs at once just to ease the anxiety.

Once I get to that point I know it's time to lay off it for awhile.

Honestly I can see how some people could get seriously addicted to Xanax. In higher dosages it does give a nice warm fuzzy feeling that makes you want more.

Fortunatly I have the ability to just say no and put it down for several months before it gets out of control. I understand some people don't have this ability.

Just to give you an Idea of how (someone whos never taken Xanax responds to it) last year my wifes mother died and my wife was just a nervious wreck (she doesn't suffer from anxiety or depression) anyway I felt so bad for her that after the funeral I told her take 1mg (blue tablet) of my Xanax to help her relax. OMG! she got so wasted I had to carry her to bed! She couldn't even walk a streight line! It honestly looked like she had 10 shots of Vodka!
I felt so bad. I wasn't thinking that 1Mg for me is just mild but she had no resistance to it.

I was so scared for her that I called Poison control. They said that 1mg would not be a toxic level of alrazopam and to just keep and eye on her. She was fine the next day.

She now calls them the evil drunk pills! LOL!
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