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zoloft help

i strated takeing zoloft on the 21st of thei month along witn xanax for emergency. started myself on 25mg of zoloft and .5 xanax was ok for 4 days had getten to the point i barely needed the xanax anymore even . so i upped it to the 50 mg zoloft that the doc prescribed and it made me seriously ill. nausau vomiting, spent 3 days in bed, lethargic getting to the point of actually feeling depressed ( was given  this for anxiety attacks) have no appetite at all and when i do try to eat i feel nausaus. this all causeing me to have to take the xanax on a regular .5 every 8 hours now.for 3 days. then .5 every 10 hours. it has been a total of 9 days now and i so want off this medicine i dont feel that the benifits are outweighing the bad at all. i tryed to stop the xanax figuring it was so low it would be fine and had to go to a quarter of a pill which i still feel crappy on . im wondering how much to decrease the zoloft and how long to stay on that level with it since i have not been on it very long and not on high doses and all info i can find is about people who have been  on it forver stopping. i feel like crap i want this crap out of my system any help would be apprciated
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Have you seen a doctor about how you are feeling.  Sounds like side effects of medication.  I have taken many pills with various different side effects.  It takes time to find one that suits you.  25mg sounds pretty low for Zoloft.  

See your doctor soon please.  You can't go on feeling like this.  

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.
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Could be side effects, which if that is the case, they should start to subisde within a week or two of treatment.  It's okay to need the Xanax during this adjustment period, that's a common approach to addressing side effects of SSRIs.

Ask your doctor what the next step is for you.  If he thinks these are side effects, maybe see if you can try to stick it out for at least a total of two weeks to see if they will improve and you will start feeling better.

Zoloft has been a life saver for me in the past, and has helped countless people.  I would hate to see you throw in the towel early due to side effects when this med may end up helping you.  We all react differently to meds.  You and your doctor need to determine the next best step.

Best of luck to you!  Let us know how you're doing!
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My PCP put me on Zoloft a few months back and I felt exactly the same. Stopped taking it after 3 weeks as I couldn't take it... I also had to take Xanax which is terrible for you (google: benzo withdrawal) as it made me super anxious.

Now another doctor put me on lexapro which I had taken in the past and I have no side effects so far.

Perhaps zoloft is not good for certain people. Me and you seem to have the same side effects on it. I don't think it's worth it, there are other options out there. Talk with your doctor and try something else. Good luck.
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It's important to remember that NO drug itself is "bad", everyone is different, and everyone reacts differently to medication.  What may be a lifesaver for one person, the next person may not tolerate.  A lot of times it's about trial and error until we find a medication that works for us.  Also, most SSRIs have some initial side effects.  They usually only last about a week or two.  If the side effects are tolerable, it's important to try to stick it out, at least to give it a chnace beyond the side effects.

Lastly, the statement "Xanax is terrible for you" is awfully general and not correct.  Benzodiazepines are wonderful drugs, WHEN they are used properly and under close physician supervision.  They have gotten a bad rap because of the potential for abuse, and people being prescribed them for entirely too long.  I do not like to see such broad statements, categorgizing any med as "bad'.  Everyone has different experiences.  Statements like that just scare people.
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And I do not like seeing people online recommending drugs that are highly addictive and have high potential to ruin someone's life. They got a "bad rep" because even psychiatrists, who are mostly the professionals who recommend them, don't seem to have a clue of the side effects of using it for more than 3 weeks and keep prescribing them for years on end to a growing number of people. Shame on them. And no one should be having to take a second drug to counter balance an effect that the first drug - that can be substituted for another one easily - to feel better. It doesn't make any sense. Zoloft was a terrible drug for me, as was benzos. As seems to be the case with the OP. I hope she gets off of both as I did, no one deserve to feel this way with these awful drugs. Good luck!
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"Zoloft was a terrible drug for me, as was benzos."

"For me" being the key words in that sentence.  I don't dismiss at all that people have had bad experiences with meds, of course they have, but even more people have had better ones, and we have to be very careful painting with such a broad brush, using general statements such as "Zoloft is bad", or "benzos are awful drugs", etc, because people coming here for help and guidance are already nervous enough, without scaring them even more.  Not to mention, I would hate for someone to be discouraged from trying a medication that may end up changing their life...like Zoloft did for me, and the countless others that have shared their positive stories.....because of horror stories that may not even relate to them.

We need to let everyone have their own experience without putting the fear of God into them. Sharing your experience is important, and I'm not saying not to do that, just asking you to be careful how you word things, and be sure to indicate that this was YOUR experience.  NONE of us have the right to tell people NOT to try a medication, just like we are not permitted to make specific recommendations (dosing, etc) about medications.

All I'm asking is to be mindful of how you are presenting certain information.  We're here to help people, not give advice based on an agenda we may have because of our own experiences.

I appreciate your understanding.
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No agenda here.

Benzos are to be taken only up to a month. I don't discourage that, when medically recommended. What I do discourage is to use it past the recommended time, which DOES cause addiction.

The OP came here to state how Zoloft is giving her numerous side effects, exactly the same way it did to me, and I'm in not sensitive to medicine in any way. I wanted to share with her MY experience with Zoloft as I was feeling exactly the same while on it. You should agree that different drugs affect different people in different ways. I don't see the point in encouraging someone to keep taking meds that are clearly not cut for THEM.

I think it's insane to have to take a second drug (benzo) to counteract side effects of a first drug (zoloft) when this second drug is not the only option in the market.

This is a forum, I am giving my opinion and it's as valid as anyone's. I wish I read in a forum about doctors prescribing benzos for over a month before it almost ruined my life. Awareness is good. The decision should be the OP's, after hopefully reading a lot about benzos as doctors are not always to be trusted, unfortunately.
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"You should agree that different drugs affect different people in different ways. I don't see the point in encouraging someone to keep taking meds that are clearly not cut for THEM. "  I totally agree.  Here is just one example of things I say in regards to medication:

everyone is different, and everyone reacts differently to medication.  What may be a lifesaver for one person, the next person may not tolerate.

Of course everyone is different, and I inform people all the time that their experience may not be like someone elses, which was my point to you.  You are using broad and generalized statements, indicatiing a medication itself is bad. That's not a fair statement to make.  Again, I think you sharing your experience is important, I just asked you to kindly be mindful of your choice of words.  

One of your statements in your first reply was the following:
"I also had to take Xanax which is terrible for you (google: benzo withdrawal)"

Saying Xanax "is terrible for you", is a generalized statement based on YOUR opinion and is not at all fact based.  When properly prescribed, benzos can be extremely effective meds for treating anxiety.  A person can take an "as needed" short acting benzo (like Ativan or Xanax) forever, without a concern of dependency or tolerance.  

Also, "addiction" is different from "dependency".  Addiction is not what we're talking about here...we're talking about having a physical need for a drug after taking it for a long period of time, and experiencing w/d's when coming off.  If a medication like xanax is taken only when needed, and not regularly, a person can be prescribed it forever with no issues.  And, yes, I understand that not all doctors prescribe these meds as they are intended.  You're not going to get a disagreement out of me on that.  So, that's when you tell people the facts, that these meds are best suited for short-term courses of treatment, or on an "as needed" basis..not to just tell them "it's bad for you".  Hopefully, you get my point?

You also said...."I think it's insane to have to take a second drug (benzo) to counteract side effects of a first drug (zoloft) when this second drug is not the only option in the market".  A lot of people feel that way, and I get what you're saying, but looking at the big picture, what's the big deal?  Why does that matter so much?  I'm askihng you that sincerely...I don't understand what the big concern is?

I took Ativan PRN while I adjusted to an SSRI (also to combat the preexisting anxiety) for several months until the SSRI started doing its thing.  It certainly didn't harm me in any way, I gradually needed less and less of the Ativan, and when the Zoloft kicked in, I didn't need it at all.  Taking it "as needed", I never suffered any w/d.  I just don't think it's that big of a deal....that's how meds work a lot of the times.  The truth is, SSRI's DO come with some common, bothersome side effects for a few weeks.  I'd rather see someone have to take another med for a short period of time to be able to get through those effects to reap the benefits of the SSRI.  That's just my opinion.

Look, I'm pleased you are here sharing your experiences, and I couldn't agree more than awreness is good. I'm just asking you to PLEASE be cautious of how you are delivering that info.  We're not here to frighten people away from something based on our own experiences (or to talk them INTO it).  I understand you are only being helpful, our common interest is that people get the info they need to make an informed decision...not to sway them one way or another based on OUR opinion. The medication debate will always be around...and there is always two sides....and admittedly, it is hard to sometimes present the info from a neutral standpoint.  I'm a very strong med supporter and often times catch myself using wording that is a bit too forceful in favor of meds...so I have to go back and edit.

I'm glad we could discuss this respecfully with each other, I know it's a heated suvject for many.  And again, I DO greatly appreciate your contribution to the forum!
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