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zoloft to lovan

hi i have resently tapered down off 150 mg of zoloft the side affects are driving me mad i suffer from night sweats mood swings clogged head dizzyness sleep disruption body aches no headaches thankgod. my chemist put me on magnesiom 500mg 6 tabs a day i tell u it cleared it by 80 percent and panadol and at night tamaz the one thing keeping me off the zoloft is the side affects sounds weird but i dont want to go down that road again i have 3 days to go before taking lovan but im wondering is natural the way too go i have been on zoloft for 6 yrs from 50 mil gradually up too 150
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I think going natural is a great idea (for people in which they work for)

Unfortunatly in my case I have tried absolutly every natural treatment for my severe depression known to man and none of them had any positive effect on my anxiety or depression.

If naturals work for you then that is perfect. I would do the same if they worked for me.
887932 tn?1241335303
i start my lovan tomorrow im gonna try it for a while till im settled then as the health adviser at the chemist said i might need a premenapause natural treatment i ran through my symptoms before going off anti d and i have been sus about premenapause for a yr but my old  doc says im too young gee im turning 43 this yr i know i now the lovan too get past the zoloft but i will see how things go
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