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zyprexa and celexa for depression

i have been taking celaxa for years and i am on the  max dose. i resently became very depressed. the doctor has aadded zyprexa to it. it is for bipolar but is also used to boost your antidepressant. it is working well. i feel totally back to normal i do not have any of side affects .it does make me very hungry but i watch  what i eat. anyone else taking zyprexa? or celexa?
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Zyprexa can work well when augmented with a good antidepressant.

Sounds like that Celexa was pooping out on you and you needed the Zyprexa to jump start it. Same thing has happened to me on more than a few antidepressants.

Lithium also makes for a good booster drug, but most people don't try it as an add on because they think it's only for Bi-polar.
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hi.  it is working so well. i never want to go off it! it is the best ever. i am on 5 mgs. once a day and it  makes me peppy. my depression is gettting better everyday. now to quit smoking again!  thanks so much for the reply. i would take lithium if it would help my dpression but the doc put me on zyprexa. i wonder how long i can be on it. the doc said as long as i need it. when do i know if do not need it? i have lost the few pounds i gained. i work out several times a week and i am on a high fiber diet. i guess i am the only patient the doc  has had that  zyprexa has gotten peppey on it. all her other patients get sleepy on it and have to take it at night . i have to take it in the morning. my body reacts so different to meds. i know sleeping pills do nothing for me. thanks so much for replying.
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It may not be that the Zyprexa is making you peppy, but rather that since it is controling your depression which makes us lathargic and sleepy that it seems that way.

I glad it's working for you. I have heard people say negitive things about Zyprexa because they claim it made them gain weight, but I don't think those people were on a good diet or working out. You have to do that to keep the fat off.
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just want to add. you have helped me ao much. i did a profile. but i do not know how to delete one of my trackers.  i am no loner withdrawing from one of the meds. the doc said to wait for a few weeks.
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i work out at least 4 times a week and i cut my sugar intake down .i am on a high fiber diet. i had gained two pounds ,but i have lost it. i just added new things to my work out. i am over weight to begin with. before i took zprexa, i was losing weight. i hope i can continue. i do not have  a big appetite. so i do not think i will gain any weight. thanks again so much.
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To speed fat loss try to limit your intake of carbs to less than 80 Grams per day. Fill the gap with lean meat and fats.

That means eliminate anything and everything including sugar because it also contains carbs. Also completly eliminate all fruit and fruit juices from your diet. They contain natural sugars that are instantly converted into body fat. No potatoes either. Count every carb gram and stay below 80 Grams per day and even then they must be complex carbs not junk carbs.

To make up for the vitamin loss, take a simple multi vitamin and your body won't miss the fruit. Fill your diet with cheese, eggs, beef, chicken, pork. Salads and greens, you can even use a high fat dressing and bacon bits if you like.

Soon after this your body will start getting it's energy scource from your body fat by burning it for fuel rather than carbs. No carbs and the body has to use it's body fat for fuel.

Combine that with exersise which will mobilize fat cells on the body and the body fat will melt off at a very rapid rate.

After each work out mix up a good protean drink before your evening meal. This will instantly feed your muscles with protean. I like the Gold standard whey mix myself. You can get it at a place called the vitamin shop, but GNC also has fine protean mix.

High fiber foods are also high in Carbs so watch your intake of them.

Watch out for milk because it has carbs too and watch all condements. You would be shocked to know how many carb grams are in some condements like ketchup.

I have tried every diet out there and low carb diets are the only ones that really worked.

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