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zyprexa anyone on it for depression and anxiety?

my docotor perscribed it for me . i am very depressed and have anxiety. i am one xanax . it does not help. i am taking the max dose of celexa . i have been on the celexa for ove 10 years now. i am on the max dose now, i have no motivation, i am also on vicodin which i am wantin gto get of of. i want off my meds. but the doctor told me not go off of them all at the same time,. she is trying to get me calmed down so i can off taper off the vicodin and xanax. now i hear bad things about zyprexa. i can get past the weight gain, but not the sleepiness it can cause. i am afraid to take it. i know it is an antisycotic  drug or how ever it is spelled. i am just thinking about throwing out all of my pills and living with this anxiety and depression. i guess the new thing now is take this drug if an antidepressant does not work. i can hear it makes you a zombie. is all this true? has anyone had good luck with this drug? i have had depresision for most of my life. and i hate it. i hate taking pills ,too. but i guess if i get some good feedback i will try it. i am not bipolar and i do not have mania. just plain old anxiety and depression! and it *****! sorry i am ranting ,but i am at the end of my rope. any good input will help, now about the sleepiness, i have never been a good sleeper. i take so many pills to get to sleep at night and i might sleep for 4 good hours. i am never tired, just wired!  i do not want to become a zombie taking another pill. i can cut the xanax out , it does nothing for me. and the vicodin makes me crazy. the clelexa does not work anymore . i have NO insurance so i cannot go on the more expensive pills. i am going to try to take the zyprexa  tomorrow night since i do not have to work the next day.  any input will be helpful and i am sorry i am raniting but that is where i am at right now CRAZY!!! thank you in advance. any input will be welcomed. i would truly appreciate it.
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Zyprexa can be effective for depression when combined with an antidepressant.

My Psychiatrist was thinking about it for me, but I told him no and that he would have to be more creative with his meds. (I'm just not a big fan of any anti-psychotic drugs for depression and anxiety)

I had my Psych prescribe me a strong Tri-cyclic and 900Mgs a day of Lithium then added Klonopin for the anxiety. (I used to take Xanax, but the half life was way too short with Xanax so I went Klonopin instead) It was a good move because 2Mgs of Klonopin controls my anxiety way better than Xanax.

My only regret is that now I can't take my 3Mgs of Xanax and get high from it, but that better I don't do that anyway. (You can't really get high from Klonopin even though it's a Benzo)

Tell you what, any Psychiatrist will tell you that they can get the same effect from adding high dose Lithium as thy can with Zyprexa. Why not go Lithium I say.
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thanks so much.  i have never been on anythng like zyprexa, i took it last night. it di dnot knock me out at all. but it made me sleepy. i woke up with less anxiety. i guess it takes a while to get into your system. i went on a site aabout zyprexa. a lot of people had awful side affects. like gaining weight. well, i i only low cal food. lots of veggies and fruit. doctor told me i will not gain weight if i watch wht i eat. plus i go the gym every chance i get. i hope it does not cause me to be lazy. so Lithium is the same as zyprexa? i ,too am afraid of anti-psychotic  meds. i hate taking any pills. but as i have awful depression. i suppose it is for the better does anti-psychotic  make you become a zombie? i did read on the site about it that some people became zombie like. now that scares me. i was a very active person until this last depression. oh well. i will give it a try. clonopin never did much for me nor the xanax.  the 3 vicodin a day makes me nervous feeling.  so mayeb once i get off those. i will be better. i took zoloft before andi was a zombie. i just wish the celexa would work like it did when i first took it. thanks so much again. i am chainsmoking after i quit for months. i am so nervous and depressed. so now i am going to quit again. i guess i am babbling here. i do thank you so much. you have been very helpful.
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Sorry, I ment to say that Lithium can be used instead of Zyprexa to help with Depression and anxiety. The two drugs are completly different and work in a completly different way.

Try the Zyprexa for a while and give it a chance. It may work well for you. I also take meds that can cause weight gain, but I stay on a strict Atkins diet and lift weights at the Gym 5 days a week. I happen to be very lean and muscular, so anyone that tells you psychotropic meds will make you fat is not correct.

Lathargy and dirty eating make you fat not the meds. I also discovered a couple years ago that a 40 year old guy like me can not eat a normal 2400 cal diet everyday. That's way too much food. I stick below 1200 a day. I get a little hungry, but funny thing about hunger is that if you do it long enough you almost enjoy the feeling of hunger.

About the Vicotin your taking. It's an  Opiate and yes they make my anxiety shoot thru the roof also. That's why I don't take Opiates.

Some people love them and say they relax them. Not me because I get freaked out on them. I guess I just don't like the Opiate high.
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