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zyprexa withdrawl

I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. I have never had any problems with anxiety or depression. I was started on lexapro and had really bad anxiety attacks. My doc stopped that and started me on zoloft and I had the same problem. I was having racing thoughts and anxiety and my heart would race. My doc then put me on Zyprexa  I was on it for a wek and a half and I was slurring my speech and could not finish a single thought and kept having muscle twitches. I stopped taking it but now I am having anxiety worse than I have ever had could this be withdrawl and if so how long can these symptoms persist
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It sounds like you were on too high a dose.  When I was really bad with psychotic depression 5mg did me great.  5mg was powerful.  After a few months I was able to go down to 2.5 mg.  I came off it very slowly slicing the pills.  Making a reduction every 10 days or so.  Yes I always felt anxiety mostly around day 3 - 4 bad.  Then lower anxiety for up to 3 weeks, then fine.  I came off it in the end.  I think most peeople need a much lower dose than prescribed.
But you were on it for a very short time.
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