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Ok, us with hiv negative tests and persistant problems can discuss here on this matter and hopefully come up with some constructive answers
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Ok, I will now go for a immunological panel, will update when I have results.
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Ok, So my bloodpanel test I did, everything was normal. Only thing which was on lover limit was vitmin D. I have now been referred to a neurologist as first step to finally find out what is gooing on. Doc was suspicious about RA, but as I also have fasciculation in my palmside beneath pinkyfinger, first step is neurologist then rheumatologist. So maybe this is reiters syndrom after all, I will wait and see.
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What were your CD4 and CD8 counts?
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I did not request this, but the doctor said everthing looked very good. But maybe I could get the doctor to e-mail me my results, as this would be more beneficial so we can compare results.
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so what were your results?
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You can see my results in my photos section
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Hi,thanks. I don't see cell inmunity tests in your scan (CD3, CD4, CD8 tests). Did you do them?
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Hi, here where I live they say that this is the stand immunological panel if anything is wrong you will se it here. I am still waiting to get to a neurologist for a checkup there. I am approaching 2 years soon and I am gooing to take on more and final  hiv and syphilis test then. I also am planning to send some bloodtest to augsburg in germany, for lyme and co infections and chlamydia pneumonia and mycoplasma in the near future...
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you must specifically ask for this:

Full blood count and differential*
Lymphocyte subsets (CD3, CD4, CD8 tests...)
HIV testing (if not done yet)
IgG, IgA, IgM

good luck.
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Hi iv been having lots of symptoms after giving unprotected oral,
Some of them cleared up. I still have some joints pain tingling sensation shooting pain in my legs arms and buttocks. Sometimes muscle weakness. And i feel like there was invisible bruises on my arms off and on, I used to have general fatigue i started getting better. Discomfort throat.

All my std's, herpes1&2, heps b&c and Hiv1&2 ab/ag all came back negative.
I went to see neurologist he suspicious MS since i have a family history with ms. My mri came back normal. The shock was my vitamin D level was 7!!!!! The normal range is 75! Im dangerously low! Now im taking 50.000 IU weakly for 3 months. Im waiting for my B12 results. Ill get my throat swapped after the holidays and im checking my digestive system!
Ill keep you guys updated.
Happy holidays:)
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Hi all,

Glad to find this group.

This is my story:
A couple of weeks after a two-way oral sex exposure with a CSW in a high risk Asian country, I became worried about HIV. I realise that oral sex is a low risk, but I had brushed my teeth immediately prior to the incident, and my gums bleed routinely before brushing. Hence, I had open cuts in my mouth before the incident.

Around 2 weeks after exposure I developed profuse night sweats, fever and headaches. Then followed cervical lympadenopathy, swollen eyelids, tonsilitis with exudates, 5kg weight loss, and sore throat. I was diagnosed with acute mono (Epstein Barr virus) around 4 weeks after the exposure. This was a relief as I had been worried about HIV. I tested negative at 3 weeks and 5 weeks post exposure using a DUO test.

I was satisfied with the diagnosis of mono, however around 6 weeks after the exposure, I developed some troubling symptoms which are mostly not associated with mono. These included xerostomia (dry mouth with minimal saliva production), white coated tongue (particularly thick towards the back), sebhorreic dermatitis on face and behind ears, peripheral neuropathy, chronic loose stools, jock itch, one tender axillary lymph node and insomnia.

All these have persisted until today (4 months post exposure), except the neuropathy which has gone. A new symptom has occurred in the last week - angular cheilitis on one corner of my mouth. Following the cheilitis and recent blood test results, which show low iron (ferritin) and low neutrophils (neutropenia), HIV has again become a worry. Neutropenia is responsible for lowered immunity, and is associated with HIV infection.

Where do I go from here?
I have now tested negative to HIV 7 times - at 3 weeks (DUO), 5 weeks (DUO), 8 weeks (DUO), 10 weeks (rapid), 11 weeks (DUO), 13 weeks (rapid) and 15 weeks (DUO). Following the 15 week result I was confident that I was HIV negative, but in the last week , with the blood results and the angular cheilitis IN ADDITION to the symptoms I already have -  I am thinking- what on earth can explain my current state besides HIV? Mono (Epstein barr) is not associated with things like sebhorreic dermatitis or angular cheilitis or chronic loose stools. Dr. google seems to say only HIV or systemic candida can be responsible for these multiple symptoms, and Im pretty certain I don't have systemic candida as an oral swab culture for candida (plus a dentists opinion) from my white-coated tongue was negative!

Today, 4 months post exposure, the symptoms show no signs of improving (mouth still as dry as a bone, skin still in very poor condition due to sebhorreic dermatitis). Any ideas on what directions to go in?

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